What is Camera Focus Support Services (CFSS)?

Lens Calibration for Photographers by Photographers

Camera Focus Support Services (CFSS) is seven years old this year and is an  independent FoCal test centre based in Cardiff, South Wales. We were the first to provide a Peli transport case as part of a fully insured courier service to support professional and non-professional Canon and Nikon DSLR camera, lens and independent lens users covering the whole of mainland UK.

CFSS focus calibrates a wide selection of Canon and Nikon DSLR camera bodies and autofocus lenses including lenses from independent manufacturers such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Samyang, older versions and new, zoom and prime.

We support a wide range of photographic specialisms such as Family, Portrait, Studio, Schools, Lifestyle, Branding, Maternity and Newborn, Headshot, Fashion, Weddin, Event, Advertising, Editorial, Sport, Equine, Wildlife, Bird, Animal and Pet, where shooting with wide open apertures is essential and consistently achieving pinpoint focus is a critical requirement.

Camera customisation services such as back button focus and firmware updates for cameras and Sigma and Tamron supported lenses are also available to enhance the operation of your DSLR camera and increase the number of images you have in focus.

A safe and secure courier service provided by DPD/DPD Local is now available to save you time and guarantee a three working day turnaround on arrival to CFSS on booked sessions combined with CFSS  supplying a lockable Pelican case to transport your equipment. An Express service is also available for faster turnaround.

Keeping you focused