Camera Focus Support Services USP’s



Camera Focus Support Services uses the best courier service available (DPD/DPD Local) to collect and return to your home or studio. Suppling a padded Peli hard case with padlocks for the safe and secure carriage of your equipment between you and CFSS.


No travel time for you.

Safe and secure equipment transportation.

No restriction on the number of lenses and camera bodies that can be focus calibrated. Large camera and lens outfits catered for in one session equalling only one monetary and time expense.
Bookable sessions. Day and date to suit your business needs.
Camera customisation service available for back button focus and continuous Servo focus. Dramatically improves your focus hit-rate; reducing time spent correcting issues in post production.
Only FoCal test centre in South Wales and now with mainland UK coverage.
Fast, efficient and effective focus calibration service for Canon and Nikon DSLR camera users for the whole mainland UK.
Enhanced testing services available including:  
Aperture sharpness test. Identifies the sharpest aperture setting for each lens.
AF consistency test. Checks the consistency of the AF system of the camera.
Sigma Art lens. Lens firmware updated as well  FoCal  focus calibration.
Three working day turnaround on jobs as standard on delivery to CFSS, Express service also available. Location dictates courier delivery timescales, next day for most areas.
Fast and focused.


Focus with confidence