Keeping you focused

Lens Focus Calibration for Photographers by Photographers

Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses have been set up as accurately as possible during manufacture but will always have a variation in their calibration.

If you shoot wide open with apertures of f2.8 or larger, the depth of field could be down to as little as 2 cms, this is where variation during manufacture becomes most apparent. Focusing on a person’s eye in a portrait, the actual part in focus could be the ear or nose. Incredibly frustrating if that moment you photographed is not in focus. In specialisms such as Family, Portrait, Studio, Schools, Lifestyle, Branding, Maternity and Newborn, Headshot, Fashion, Wedding, Event, Dance, Advertising, Editorial, Sport, Equine, Wildlife, Bird, Animal and Pet photography these moments are fleeting and you need to be confident your focus is accurate, reliable and repeatable.

Camera Focus Support Services (CFSS) is seven years old this year and is an independent FoCal test centre based in Cardiff, South Wales. We were the first to provide a Peli transport case as part of a fully insured courier service to support professional and non-professional Canon and Nikon DSLR camera, lens and independent lens users covering the whole of mainland UK.

Book your lens calibration session and extra services now to start benefiting from time saved in post production, more saleable images and calibrated camera and lens focus precision. Packages start from £199.00 with a three working day turnaround from delivery to CFSS.


When I got home I got out my 24-105, the lens I hadn’t been able to use for about a year as it was so unreliably soft, and I was amazed.It was pin sharp!!

I have just received my cameras and lenses this morning, excellent courier services – amazing job and the difference with my kit is incredible.

Shoot wide open, shoot focused